Utility Vehicles ATYR322


                                Utility Vehicles ATYR322
 Parameter classification Parameter classification  Accurate value
 Intuitive parameters  Practical roadway width ≥3m
 Teamming capacity 22person
 Weights  Empty vehicle weight 9.9T
 Gross vehicle weight 11.9T
 Operating capacity  Maximum tractive effort 90kN
 Maximum grade ability 7.0km/h, fully loaded at15%
 Transport carriage  Carriage weight 2T
 Carriage load weight 2T
 Carriage design Semi encolsed, with left, right and rear door
 Carriage seat 20
 Shock absorber Leaf spring
 Speed  1st Gear 5.0km/h
 2nd Gear 10.9km/h
 3rd Gear 24.5km/h
 Engine  Diesel engine CUMMINS QSB4.5
 Maxoutput 97kW/2300rpm
 Maximum torque 511Nm/1500rpm
 Transmission system  Transmission&Converter DANA 1201FT20000
 Axles DANA 112
 Tires(Standard) 10.00-20
 Hydraulic system  Steering system Central articulatin jiont, hudraulic power steering
 Turnning angle ±40°
 Steering system flow 36L/min
 Steering pressure 12Mpa
 Service braking  LCB
 Parking braking SAHR
 Braking system pressure 17Mpa
 Electrical system  System voltage 24V
 Alternator 28V/70A
 Starter motor 4.8kW/24V
 Batteries Two 12V/200Ah
 Lights 2 Front 2 Rear
 Driver cab  ROPS/FOPS Meet American SAE ROPS/FOPS Standard