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Industry oriented research activities

Industry oriented research activities

Nation high technology research and development program(863Plan)

Project Name: Intelligent underground metallic mining technology.

Topic: Research on precise positioning and intelligent navigation technology of underground metallic mining equipment.

Project undertaken by University of Science and Technology, Beijing, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy(BGRIMM)、Shandong Gold Co. LTD

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC 2010.12

Successfully developed and manufactured the first LHD equipped with remote control system, became the leader of underground tools equipped with remote control system,

The“Research of high-precise position technology of underground unmanned mining equipment and motor technology of intelligent unmanned LHD” of “11th Five-Year-Plan”863 Plan has an electronic map system of navigation information, laser-precise position sensor system, laser high-speed accurate tracking system, and trajectory tracking control system; It realizes precise positioning and intelligent navigation of unmanned equipment in underground metal mine. After the implementation of this research, the core components of my country's underground equipment positioning and navigation technology and systems, vehicle-mounted mobile laser transceivers, and other core components will reach the international advanced level, and strive to achieve an International leading level of active laser guidance technology on underground equipment.