Academic Activity

Participated in the completion of the nation’s “11th Five-Year” and “12th Five-Year”


Participated in the completion of the nation’s “11th Five-Year” and “12thFive-Year” scientific research projects, in-depth cooperation in the development of remote control and autonomous walking system.

At the beginning of its establishment, Anchises carried out development work in mining automation and intelligence participated in the construction of a domestic early underground wireless communication network and carried out in-depth research in automatic control technology and remote-control technology of mining equipment.At present, there are more than 100 sets of remote-control equipment manufactured by Anchises company working in many mines in the world, including a full series of remote control LHD from 1 cubic to 6 cubics, with advanced electro-hydraulic compound automatic control system, data acquisition system, and information transmission system, with visual remote control, video remote control, remote control, and other functions.Anchises has been committed to the research of autonomous walking LHD and the most advanced technology of domestic unmanned mining. Relying on the industrial advantage of the intelligent mining field of Mining and Metallurgy Group, Anchises has been in a leading position in the application of autonomous walking and intelligent control equipment in China.