Demand Department: International Marketing Department

Head of Department: Xu Xiaodong

Request Date: June 16, 2022

Job Title: Marketing


Number of people required: 2 people

Recruitment information description:

1.Personnel category: Normal working staff

2.Trial period: three months

3.Justification: Personnel Vacancy

4.Required personnel entry date:  ASAP 

The main job responsibilities are briefly described as follows:

1.Overseas market development, customer follow up.

2.Sales contract negotiation, brand and product promotion.

3.Develop effective marketing plans to ensure annual target.

4.Collect and sort out industry market information in a timely manner and put forward effective suggestions; provide feedback according to the market exploration regarding the product and service.

5.Develop and maintain distribution channels, organize training for agents, pre-sales coordination, after-sales service, and technical support.

6.Participate in bidding for international tenders, prepare bidding documents.

7.Coordinate with the company's legal personnel to recover the receivables.

8.Connect with business personnel to review packing lists, invoices, bills of lading, insurance policies, and certificates of origin.

9.Other work related to this position. 


1.Gender requirements: male or female

2.Age requirement: 30-40 years old

3.Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree or above

4.Professional requirements: mining machinery related

5.English requirements: proficient

6.Computer requirements: be able to use office software, be able to access the Internet

7.Work experience: more than 2 years

8.Marriage Requirements: NA

9.Special requirements: able to work overtime and travel frequently

Other requirements: outgoing personality, good at expressing and communicating with people, strong ability to obtain information